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OverviewRockwell Automation 1756-BA1
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Manufacturer: Allen-Bradley / Rockwell Automation
Description: Allen-Bradley 1756-BA1 ControlLogix/FlexLogix Battery Assembly
Full Description: Allen-Bradley 1756-BA1 ControlLogix/FlexLogix Battery Assembly contains Sanyo Lithium Cylindrical SE Type Cell Battery, Sanyo part number CR17335 SE. Nominal capacity(at 1 mA +23 C 2V cut off): 1.8Ah; Rated voltage: 3.0V; Maximum recommended continuous current: 8mA; Maximum pulse current capability: 100mA; Operating temperature range: -40 C~+60 C; Weight: Approx 17g; Storage temperature (recommended): +30 C. Supports the following ControlLogix controllers: 1756-L55, 1756-L61, 1756-L62, 1756-L63, 1794-L33 controllers, series A and 1794-L34 controllers, series A and B. Each ControlLogix controller ships with a battery.
UPC / GTIN: 10612598173775
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1756-BA1 RA NFS Replacement Battery for Allen-Bradley 1756-BA1/A ControlLogix/FlexLogix Battery $86.70 $29.00 -67% 1 buyit
1756-BA1/A RA NFS Allen-Bradley 1756-BA1 ControlLogix/FlexLogix Battery Assembly, Series A $86.70 $56.00 -35% 1 buyit
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