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OverviewAllen-Bradley MPL-A430P-MJ22AA Servo Motor 230V 5000RPM
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Manufacturer: Allen-Bradley / Rockwell Automation
Description: Allen-Bradley MPL-A430P-MJ22AA Brushless Servo Motor, 230V, 5000RPM
Full Description: Allen Bradley MPL-A430P-MJ22AA Bulletin MPL Low-Inertia Brushless Servo Motor, 230V Operating Voltage, Frame Size 4 = 115 mm (4.53 in.), Stack Length 30 = 76.2 mm (3.0 in.), 5000RPM, Continuous Stall Torque 5.99Nm, Multi-turn High-resolution Encoder (Absolute Feedback), Keyed Shaft Extension, Connectors: Circular Bayonet (Facing Shaft), No Brake, IEC Metric, Free Mounting Holes (Type FF)
Status: Discontinued by manufacturer
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