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OverviewAllen-Bradley MPL-B230P-EJ42AA Servo Motor 460V, 0.86kW, 5000RPM
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Manufacturer: Allen-Bradley / Rockwell Automation
Description: Allen-Bradley MPL-B230P-EJ42AA Servo Motor 460V 0.86kW 5000RPM, 2.1Nm, Single, A
Full Description: Allen-Bradley MPL-B230P-EJ42AA Brushless Servo Motor, 460V AC, 0.86kW, 5000RPM, 2.1Nm, 2.6A, IP66 with Shaft Seal, Single-turn High-resolution Encoder, Keyed Shaft Extension, Circular DIN Connector, Right Angle, 180° Rotatable Threaded, No Brake, IEC Metric, Free Mounting Holes Type FF, Series A
UPC / GTIN: 00820919621963
Status: Discontinued by manufacturer
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Specs & Technical Data
Specifications: Allen-Bradley MPL-B230P-EJ42AA Rated Speed: 5000RPM; Rated Output: 0.86kW; Rotor Inertia: 0.000063 kg-m2; Continuous Stall Torque: 2.10Nm; Peak Stall Torque: 8.2Nm; Continuous Stall Current: 2.60A; Peak Stall Current: 11.3A. 
Miscellaneous: Allen-Bradley MPL-B230P-EJ42AA Low Inertia Servo Motors with features specifically designed to meet the unique needs of many food and beverage packaging and handling applications. This motor addresses the challenges of food environments by incorporating improved sealing techniques and non-corrosive food grade fasteners and coatings. 
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