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OverviewSiemens 6AV6 645-0EF01-0AX1 Mobile Panel 277F IWLAN (RFID)
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Manufacturer: Siemens
Description: Siemens 6AV6645-0EF01-0AX1 Mobile Panel 277F IWLAN (RFID)
Full Description: Siemens 6AV6 645-0EF01-0AX1 SIMATIC Mobile Panel 277F IWLAN (RFID), ARM 520MHz CPU, 7.5" Color TFT Screen 640 x 480 Pixels, Touchscreen, 18 Finction Keys with LEDs, with Integrated Enable - Emergency - Stop Button, Handwheel, Key Switch and Two Illuminated Pushbuttons, Supporting IPCF (Rapid Roaming), 1 x USB Port for Mouse / Keyboard / Barcode Reader, 1 x Ethernet (RJ-45) Port, 1 MMC/SD Card Slot, DC Power, Configurable with WinCC Flexible Standard Version 2008 SP2 and Higher, Including 1 Main Battery, Power Supply To Be Ordered Separately
UPC / GTIN: 4025515079255
Status: Current Product
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