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OverviewSiemens 6ES7151-8FB00-0AB0 S7 ET 200S IM 151-8F PN/DP CPU, 192KB
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Manufacturer: Siemens
Description: Siemens 6ES7151-8FB00-0AB0 ET200S IM151-8F PN/DP CPU Interface Module, PN, 192KB
Full Description: Siemens 6ES7 151-8FB00-0AB0 SIMATIC S7 DP IM 151-8F PN/DP CPU PROFIsafe Fail-Safe Interface Module for ET 200S Distributed I/O System, with Integrated S7-CPU 314, 192KB Memory for User Program and Data, 1 x 100Mbps EtherNet Interface PROFINET (PROFINET IO Controller Mode) with Integrated 3-Port Switch, up to 2m width connectable, 3 x RJ45 Bus Interface Connectors, required Micro Memory Card for operation of CPU, can communicate over PROFIBUS DP with additional DP Master Module, including Termination Module, 24V DC Power
UPC / GTIN: 4025515076261
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