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OverviewSiemens 6SE3211-5BA40 MICROMASTER Vector MMV25 AC Drive, 0.25kW
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Manufacturer: Siemens
Description: Siemens 6SE3211-5BA40 MICROMASTER Vector MMV25 AC Drive 208-240VAC/1-PH/0.25kW
Full Description: Siemens 6SE3 211-5BA40 MICROMASTER Vector MMV25 AC Drive, Frequency Inverter, Input: 208-240V AC 1-PH 50/60 Hz +/-10%; Output: 0 - 208/240V AC 3-PH 0-650 Hz; Constant Torque Power: 0.25kW; Variable Torque Power: N/A; Overload Capability: 150% - 60s, 200% - 3s; with Built-In Class A Filter, IP20, Frame Size A, 175 x 73 x 141 mm (H x W x D), Ambient Temperature: 0 to +50 Deg. C
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