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BPZ:ALT-SB100 Siemens BPN ALT-SB100 Protection Pocket, 100 mm, MS63 Nickel-Plated, G", PN10, LW7
BPZ:ALT-SB150 Siemens BPN ALT-SB150 Protection Pocket 150 mm, MS63 Nickel-Plated, G", PN10, LW7
BPZ:ALT-SS100 Siemens BPN ALT-SS100 Protection Pocket, 100 mm, G" LW7, Stainless Steel V4A
BPZ:ALT-SS150 Siemens BPN ALT-SS150 Protection Pocket 150 mm, Stainless Steel V4A, G", PN16, LW7
BPZ:ALT-SSF100 Siemens BPN ALT-SSF100 Protection Pocket 100 mm, Stainless Steel V4A, G", PN40, LW7
BPZ:ALT-SSF150 Siemens BPN ALT-SSF150 Protection Pocket 150 mm, Stainless Steel V4A, G", PN40, LW7
BPZ:AQE2102 Siemens BPN Siemens BPZ:AQE2102 AQE2102 Compression Fitting with Threaded Nipple "
BPZ:AQM63.0 Siemens BPN Siemens BPZ:AQM63.0 AQM63.0 Mounting Flange, Adjustable depth
BPZ:AQM63.2 Siemens BPN Siemens BPZ:AQM63.2 AQM63.2 3 capillary supports & 3 spacers for QAF.. Mounting
BPZ:AQM63.3 Siemens BPN Siemens BPZ:AQM63.3 AQM63.3 6 Capillary Tube Clamps for QAF../QAM.. Mounting
BPZ:ARG70 Siemens BPN Siemens BPZ:ARG70 ARG70 Mounting Plate 120 x 120 mm for 4 x 4" Housing
BPZ:ARG70.1 Siemens BPN Siemens BPZ:ARG70.1 ARG70.1 Mounting Plate 96 x 120 mm for 2 x 4" Housing
BPZ:FK-TP/200 Siemens BPN FK-TP/200 Duct Temperature Sensor Pt100, for High Temperature
BPZ:FT-TP/.. Siemens BPN Immersion Temperature Sensor Pt100, Short Time constant, for High Temperature
BPZ:QAA2.. Siemens BPN Siemens BPZ:QAA2.. Room Temperature Sensor, passive
BPZ:QAA20..1 Siemens BPN Siemens BPZ:QAA20..1 Room Temperature Sensor, Active
BPZ:QAA32 Siemens BPN Siemens BPZ:QAA32 QAA32 Room Temperature Sensor NTC 3 kOhm
BPZ:QAA64 Siemens BPN QAA64 Room Temperature Sensor LG-Ni1000 for Mounting On Recessed cOnduit boxes
BPZ:QAE21.. Siemens BPN Siemens BPZ:QAE21.. Immersion Temperature Sensor, passive
BPZ:QAE21..4 Siemens BPN Siemens BPZ:QAE21..4 Immersion Temperature Sensor Active
BPZ:QAE26.9 Siemens BPN QAE26.9 Immersion Temperature Sensor Ø 6 mm with Cable & Fitting
BPZ:QAE26.9.. Siemens BPN Siemens BPZ:QAE26.9.. Immersion Temperature sensur Ø 4 mm with Cable & Fitting
BPZ:QAE3.. Siemens BPN Siemens BPZ:QAE3.. Immersion Temperature Sensor for High Temperature
BPZ:QAM21.. Siemens BPN Siemens BPZ:QAM21.. Duct Temperature Sensor, passive
BPZ:QAM21..1.. Siemens BPN Siemens BPZ:QAM21..1.. Duct Temperature Sensor Active