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OverviewCisco 7300-NSE-100 7304 NSE-100 Forwarding Engine, 2 GE Ports
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Manufacturer: Cisco
Description: Cisco 7300-NSE-100 7304 NSE-100 Forwarding Engine, 2-Port GE
Full Description: Cisco 7300-NSE-100 Forwarding Engine with 512MB SDRAM, 256MB Flash, 2-Port GE
Status: Discontinued by manufacturer
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7300-NSE-100= Cisco UPP Cisco 7300-NSE-100 7304 NSE-100 Forwarding Engine, 2-Port GE $20,000.00 $240.00 -99% 2 buyit
Specs & Technical Data
Specifications: Centralized PXFs for hardware accelerated features (CEF, Turbo ACLs, NetFlow v8, MPLS, MPLS VPN, priority queuing, classification and marking, etc.); Up to 3.5 Mpps CEF forwarding performance for PXF accelerated services; 350 MHz RM 7000 MIPS microprocessor allows non-PXF accelerated features to run at 450 Kpps; 4 Gbps bidirectional throughput supported through NSE-100 for line; cards; Two GBIC based Gigabit Ethernet ports (SX, LX/L); FE Management port; 256 MB removable compact flash; 512MB SODIMM memory. 
Miscellaneous: The Cisco 7300-NSE-100 occupies slots 0 and 1 in a Cisco 7304 chassis. Redundant NSE-100 occupies slots 2 and 3; GBIC-based Gigabit Ethernet Interfaces with SC connectors. 
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