OverviewCisco ASA5516-FTD-K9 ASA 5516-X Firewall Appliance 8GE, 3DES/AES
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Manufacturer: Cisco
Description: Cisco ASA5516-FTD-K9 ASA 5516-X Appliance 8-GE, AC, Firepower Threat Defense
Full Description: Cisco ASA5516-FTD-K9 ASA 5516-X Firewall with FirePOWER Threat Defense 8 Copper GE Data Ports, 1 Copper GE Management Port, 1 AC Power Supply, Firewall Services, 250 IPsec VPN peers, 2 SSL VPN peers, 3DES/AES Encryption, Up to 900 Mbps FW, Multiservice capable, 1 RU
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