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OverviewCisco EM3-HDA-8FXS/DID 8-Port FXS/DID Voice/Fax FXS & DID Module
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Manufacturer: Cisco
Description: Cisco EM3-HDA-8FXS/DID 8-Port FXS/DID Voice/Fax expansion module with FXS & DID
Full Description: Cisco EM3-HDA-8FXS/DID 8-Port FXS/DID Voice and Fax expansion module with 8 FXS and DID ports, individually configurable for FXS or DID signaling
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Specs & Technical Data
Specifications: The EM3-HDA-8FXS/DID FXS interface connects directly to a standard telephone, fax machine or similar device and supplies ring, voltage, and dial tone. Signaling support available in FXS mode includes loop-start and ground-start. There is no requirement for signaling type pairing of adjacent ports for this module. DID trunks from the central office can be connected for off-premise Direct Inward Dial connections. Signaling support available in DID mode includes immediate, delay dial, and wink start. 
Miscellaneous: A maximum of 8 ports configured as DID are supported in both EVM expansion module slots combined. Thus, a maximum 16 DID ports per EVM capable ISR slot can be supported when 8 ports of EVM-HD-8FXS/DID and 8 ports of EM3-HDA-8FXS/DID are all configured as DID. 
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