OverviewCisco VS-S2T-10G Catalyst 6500 Supervisor 2T, 2-10GE, 3-1GE MSF5
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Manufacturer: Cisco
Description: Cisco VS-S2T-10G Catalyst 6500 Supervisor 2T, 2-10GbE & 3-1GbE with MSFC5 PFC4
Full Description: Cisco VS-S2T-10G Catalyst 6500 Virtual Switching Supervisor Engine 2T with 2-Port 10GbE, 1-Port 1GbE with MSFC5 PFC4 for Cisco Catalyst 6500/Cisco 7600p; IPv4 routing in hardware up to 720 Mpps; IPv6 routing In hardware up to 390 Mpps; L2 bridging up to 720 Mpps; MPLS in hardware to enable use of Layer 3 VPNs and EoMPLS tunneling. Up to 8192 VRFs with a total of up to 256K forwarding entries per system; 4K VLAN; Routes: 256K (IPv4), 128K (IPv6)
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Specs & Technical Data
Specifications: Integrates a high-performance 2-Terabit crossbar switch fabric that enables 80 Gbps switching capacity per slot on all Cisco Catalyst 6500 E-Series Chassis. The forwarding engine on Supervisor Engine 2T is capable of delivering high-performance forwarding for Layer 2 and Layer 3 services. Delivering up to 80 Gbps per slot of switching capacity on E-Series chassis; 2-Terabit aggregate bandwidth capacity using the 6513-E chassis, scaling to 4-Terabit capacity with VSS. 
Miscellaneous: Support for Cisco TrustSec, CTS, providing MacSec encryption and Role-Based ACL. Providing control plane policing to address denial of service attacks; Native support for VPLS, as well as enhancements such as VPN-aware NAT, VPN statistics, and VPN netflow as important features needed for deployment of network virtualization; Netflow application monitoring: Supervisor Engine 2T supports enhanced application monitoring such as Flexible and Sampled Netflow for intelligent and scalable application monitoring. 
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