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OverviewRockwell Automation 1336F-B250V-AA-CB-CP-D12-D61-D91-EC-ET-GM2C-HAPC-JF-JR-KM-LA3C-ME-MH-MQ2-UL
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Manufacturer: Allen-Bradley / Rockwell Automation
Description: DRIVE 250HP,460V,VT,325A
Full Description: 1336F AC Drive, 460VAC , 250 HP, IP20, Type 1, Option AA. LA3C, Two Isolated Configurable OutputsCB, Drive Circuit Breaker. KM, Drive Output Contactor. CP, 115VAC Control Power, 250VA Extra. JF, Contacts, Drive Fault. JR, Contacts, Run. ET, Enclosure Nameplate. EC, Filtered Door Openings. HAPC, H.I.M., Programmer, NEMA 1. D12, H/O/A & Auto/Man SS plus H/A PL. D61, Speed Pot., 1-Turn, NEMA 1/12/4. D91, Convert 800E Devices to 800T Style.
Status: Discontinued by manufacturer
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