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OverviewAllen-Bradley 1756-IF6CIS Analog Input Isolated Current Sourcing
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Manufacturer: Allen-Bradley / Rockwell Automation
Description: Allen-Bradley 1756-IF6CIS ControlLogix Analog Input Isolated Current Sourcing, A
Full Description: Allen-Bradley 1756-IF6CIS ControlLogix Analog Input Module, Isolated In-Current Sourcing, 6-Points 20-Pin, Series A
UPC / GTIN: 10612598292315
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Specs & Technical Data
Specifications: Allen-Bradley 1756-IF6CIS Inputs: 6 individually isolated current sourcing; Input range: 0-21mA; Resolution: 16 bits; Current draw @ 5.1V: 250mA; Current draw @ 24V: 275mA; Power dissipation, max: 5.1W @ 60°C / 140°F; Sourcing voltage, min: 20V DC; Sourcing voltage, max: 30V DC; Sourcing current, max: Current limited to <30mA; Overvoltage protection, max: 30V AC/DC with PTC and sense resistor. 
Miscellaneous: Allen-Bradley 1756-IF6CIS module offers an internal power source on each channel. The source is current limited to 28 mA and allows the module to power a two-wire transmitter directly without the need for an external power supply. The transmitter can then vary the current to the analog input in proportion to the process variable being measured. The inclusion of an internal on-board current source saves you the expense of extra power supplies and greatly simplifies the interface wiring to field devices. 
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