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OverviewAllen-Bradley 1784-U2CN USB-to-ControlNet Cable 10 ft, Series A
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Manufacturer: Allen-Bradley / Rockwell Automation
Description: Allen-Bradley 1784-U2CN USB-to-ControlNet Cable, 3.05 m (10 ft) Cable, Series A
Full Description: Allen-Bradley 1784-U2CN USB-to-ControlNet Adapter for connecting to a ControlNet network via an unused USB port on the computer, 0.61 m (2 ft) USB Cable Length, 3.05 m (10 ft) ControlNet NAP Cable Length, Series A
UPC / GTIN: 10612598524836
Status: Current Product
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Specs & Technical Data
Specifications: Allen-Bradley 1784-U2CN USB-to-ControlNet Adapter/Cable, ControlNet Data Rate: 5 Mbps; USB Cable Length: 0.61 m (2 ft); ControlNet NAP Cable Length: 3.05 m (10 ft); Enclosure Type Rating: Meets IP30; Power Dissipation, Max: 0.5 W; Supply Voltage: 5.00V DC, 5.25V DC max; Supply Current: 75 mA; Power Consumption, Max: 0.5 W; Isolation Voltage: 30V (continuous); ControlNet Current Value: 70 mA @ 24V; Operating Temperature: 0…55 °C (32…131 °F). 
Miscellaneous: Allen-Bradley 1784-U2CN cable is 10 feet long and contains a pod with a NAP connector. The pod houses the electronics required to perform the same functions as the 1784-PCC that it is replacing. The 1784-U2CN cable is designed to work with Frontline’s NetDecoder traffic analyzer software. And, with the 1784-U2CN cable, the additional cable 1784-PCC1 that was required from the ControlNet network to the computer when using the PCMCIA card is no longer necessary. 
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