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OverviewAllen-Bradley 845T-DN53ECK Optical Incremental Encoder, Series B
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Manufacturer: Allen-Bradley / Rockwell Automation
Description: Allen-Bradley 845T-DN33AFW Optical Incremental Encoder, 24V DC/24V DC P-P, Ser B
Full Description: Allen-Bradley 845T-DN33AFW Bulletin 845T Optical Incremental Encoder, NEMA Type 4, Size 20, 100kHz Frequency Response, Mounting: Square Flange; Shaft: 3/8-in with flat; Electrical Options: 11-24V DC Input, 11-24V DC P-P Output (Push-Pull Single Ended Driver); Signal Options: Channel A, B, and Z; Connection Options: 6-Pin Connector; Resolution: 1024 Pulses Per Revolution, Series B
UPC / GTIN: 10662072839093
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