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OverviewSiemens 6ES7414-3XJ00-0AB0 SIMATIC S7-400 CPU 414-3, 768KB
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Manufacturer: Siemens
Description: Siemens 6ES7414-3XJ00-0AB0 SIMATIC S7-400 CPU414-3 Processor, MPI/DP/IF, 768KB
Full Description: Siemens 6ES7 414-3XJ00-0AB0 SIMATIC S7-400 CPU 414-3 Processor Module with 1 x 12 Mbit/s RS-485 Interface MPI/PROFIBUS DP (Master), 1 x 12 Mbit/s RS-485 Interface PROFIBUS DP (Master), and 1 x Interface for Pluggable Interface Module (IF/IFM) with 12 Mbit/s, 768 Kbytes Working Memory for User Program and Data (384 KB Code, 384 KB Data)
UPC / GTIN: 4025515128779
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Specs & Technical Data
Specifications: The Siemens 6ES7414-3XJ00-0AB0 SIMATIC S7-400 is especially suited for data-intensive tasks in the process industry; high processing speeds and deterministic response times guarantee short machine cycle times on high-speed machines in the manufacturing industry. The fast backplane bus of the S7-400 ensures efficient data transfer to central I/O modules. 
Miscellaneous: The S7-400 is the most powerful PLC in the family of SIMATIC controllers. It enables successful automation solutions with Totally Integrated Automation (TIA). All CPUs of S7-400 feature two types of memory. This subdivision of work memory increases performance by 100%. Where a standard processor accesses its RAM at least twice, the S7-400 special processor accesses the code memory and data memory simultaneously in one cycle. There are also separate code and data buses for this purpose. 
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