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1769-L30ER/A RA SSP Allen-Bradley 1769-L30ER CompactLogix 5370 Ethernet Controller, 1MB Memory, A $1,939.00 1 buyit
2198-H025-ERS/A RA SOP Allen-Bradley 2198-H025-ERS Kinetix 5500 Servo Drive 190-528V AC 20A, Series A $5,815.00 1 buyit
2198-H040-ERS/A RA SOP Allen-Bradley 2198-H040-ERS Kinetix 5500 Servo Drive 190-528V AC 32.5A, Series A $6,362.00 2 buyit
22A-D1P4N104/A RA SOP Allen-Bradley 22A-D1P4N104 PowerFlex 4 AC Drive 480VAC/3-Phase/1.4A/0.5HP/IP20 $639.00 1 buyit
2098-DSD-HV220-SE/B RA UPP Allen-Bradley 2098-DSD-HV220-SE Ultra 3000 SERCOS Servo Drive 47/94A 230/460V AC $6,692.00 1 buyit
20B-VECTB-C0/B RA SPP Allen-Bradley 20B-VECTB-C0 PowerFlex 700 VC Cassette, 24V DC I/O, DPI, Series B $909.00 1 buyit
1769-IF4/B RA SSP Allen Bradley 1769-IF4 CompactLogix 4-Ch Analog Current/Voltage Input Module, B $1,242.00 7 buyit
1764-24BWA/B RA SSP Allen-Bradley 1764-24BWA MicroLogix 1500 Base 120VAC, 12-In 24VDC 12-Relay Ser B $2,424.00 6 buyit
1783-NATR/A RA SPP Allen-Bradley 1783-NATR Configurable Network Address Translation NAT Router, A $2,812.00 1 buyit
1769-OF4/A RA SSP Allen-Bradley 1769-OF4 Compact I/O 4-Ch Analog Current/Voltage Output Module, A $1,249.00 3 buyit
1756-IB16ISOE/A RA SPP Allen-Bradley 1756-IB16ISOE ControlLogix Sequence of Event Input 24/48V DC, A $872.00 1 buyit
25B-V4P8N104 RA SSP Allen-Bradley 25B-V4P8N104 PowerFlex 525 AC Drive 120VAC 1-Phase 1HP IP20 $2,999.00 1 buyit
2094-BC01-M01/A RA UPP Allen-Bradley 2094-BC01-M01 Integrated Axis Module, 400/460V, 6 kW, Series A $2,812.00 1 buyit
2711P-T12C4D1/A RA UPP Allen-Bradley 2711P-T12C4D1 PanelView Plus 1250 Touch/Enet/RS232 64MB DC, Ser. A $1,502.00 3 buyit
1762-IF2OF2/A RA UPP Allen-Bradley 1762-IF2OF2 MicroLogix 4-Ch Analog Combo Module, 2 In/2 Out, Ser A $540.00 6 buyit
1756-OF8I/A RA SPP Allen-Bradley 1756-OF8I ControlLogix Analog Output Module, 8 Isolated Points, A $3,782.00 1 buyit
5069-OF4/A RA SOP Allen-Bradley 5069-OF4 5069 Compact I/O 4-Ch Current/Voltage Output, Series A $1,648.00 1 buyit
1756-EN2T/A RA SPP ControlLogix EtherNet/IP Bridge Module 10/100 Mbps FE, Series A $1,819.00 1 buyit
1756-EN2T/A RA UPP ControlLogix EtherNet/IP Bridge Module 10/100 Mbps FE, Series A $1,334.00 1 buyit
509-AOD/B RA UPP Allen-Bradley 509-AOD Full Voltage Non-Reversing Starter NEMA 0, Overload Relay $137.22 11 buyit
1756-IA16I/A RA UPP Allen-Bradley 1756-IA16I ControlLogix 79-132V AC Isolated Input Module 16P Ser A $290.00 2 buyit
1756-OB16E/A RA UPP Allen-Bradley 1756-OB16E ControlLogix 10-31V DC 16-Ch Fused Output Module Ser. A $275.00 1 buyit
1794-OW8/A RA SSP Allen-Bradley 1794-OW8 FLEX I/O Output Module, 8 Isolated N.O. Relay Contacts, A $329.00 1 buyit
1746-OW16/D RA SOP Allen-Bradley 1746-OW16 SLC 500 16-Channel Relay Output Module, Series D $387.00 1 buyit
1734-AENTR/C RA SSP Allen-Bradley 1734-AENTR 2-Port EtherNet/IP Twisted Pair I/O Adapter 24V DC, C $765.00 10 buyit
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