OverviewSiemens 6FC5203-0AF02-0AA1 SINUMERIK OP 012 Panel, 12.1-in, Key
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Manufacturer: Siemens
Description: Siemens 6FC5203-0AF02-0AA1 SINUMERIK OP012 Panel, 12.1-inch, Color, TFT, Keypad
Full Description: Siemens 6FC5 203-0AF02-0AA1 SINUMERIK Operator Panel Front OP 012, 12.1-inch, Keypad, 800x600 TFT Color Display, 59-key Membrane Keypad with 2 x (8 + 2) Horizontal and 2 x 8 Vertical Softkeys, Integral Mouse, USB Port
UPC / GTIN: 4025515019336
Status: Discontinued by manufacturer
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Specs & Technical Data
Specifications: Siemens 6FC5203-0AF02-0AA1 SINUMERIK OP 012 Operator Panel Front, Input voltage: Via PCU, TCU, or VL receiver (5 V DC); Power consumption, Max: 21 W; Degree of protection to EN 60529 (IEC 60529): Front – IP65, Rear – IP00; Humidity rating in accordance with EN 60721-3-3: Class 3K5 condensation and icing excluded, low air temperature 0 °C (32 °F); Dimensions, W x H x D: 483 x 310 x 30 mm (19.0 x 12.2 x 1.18 in); Weight: 5 kg (11.0 lb). 
Miscellaneous: The SINUMERIK OP 012 operator panel front with 12" TFT color display with a resolution of 800 x 600 pixels (SVGA) features 2 x (8 + 2) horizontal, 2 x 8 vertical membrane softkeys. The KB 483C full CNC keyboard can be used as input keyboard. The operator panel front is mounted from the rear using special clamps supplied with the panel. The SINUMERIK operator panel front OP 012 can be used for: SINUMERIK 810D powerline/840D powerline; SINUMERIK 840Di/840Di sl; SINUMERIK 840D sl; SINUMERIK PCU 321. 
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