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3KA5030-1AE01 Siemens BPN Siemens 3KA5030-1AE01 Switch Disconnector w/o Handle 63A/3-Pole $522.00 $522.00
3KA5030-1AE01-ZA01 Siemens BPN Siemens 3KA5030-1AE01-ZA01 Switch Disconnector
3KA5030-1EE01 Siemens BPN Siemens 3KA5030-1EE01 Switch Disconnect w/Rotary Operating Mechanism, 63A/3-Pole
3KA5030-1GE01 Siemens BPN Siemens 3KA5030-1GE01 Switch-Disconnector with Rot. Mechanism 63A/3-Pole
3KA5040-1AE01 Siemens BPN Siemens 3KA5040-1AE01 Switch Disconnector w/o Handle 63A/4-Pole
3KA5040-1EE01 Siemens BPN Siemens 3KA5040-1EE01 Switch Disconnect w/Rotary Operating Mechanism, 63A/4-Pole
3KA5040-1GE01 Siemens BPN Siemens 3KA5040-1GE01 Switch-Disconnector with Rot. Mechanism 63A/4-Pol
3KA5130-1AE01 Siemens BPN Siemens 3KA5130-1AE01 Switch Disconnector w/o Handle 80A/3-Pole $604.00 $604.00
3KA5130-1EE01 Siemens BPN Siemens 3KA5130-1EE01 Switch Disconnect w/Rotary Operating Mechanism, 80A/3-Pole
3KA5130-1GE01 Siemens BPN Siemens 3KA5130-1GE01 Switch-Disconnector with Rot. Mechanism 80A/3-Pole
3KA5140-1AE01 Siemens BPN Siemens 3KA5140-1AE01 Switch Disconnector w/o Handle 80A/4-Pole
3KA5140-1EE01 Siemens BPN Siemens 3KA5140-1EE01 Switch Disconnect w/Rotary Operating Mechanism, 80A/4-Pole
3KA5140-1GE01 Siemens BPN Siemens 3KA5140-1GE01 Switch-Disconnector with Rot. Mechanism 80A/4-Pol
3KA5230-1AE01 Siemens BPN Siemens 3KA5230-1AE01 Switch Disconnect. w/o Handle 125A/3-Pole $607.00 $607.00
3KA5230-1AE01-ZA01 Siemens BPN Siemens 3KA5230-1AE01-ZA01 Switch Disconnector New Design
3KA5230-1EE01 Siemens BPN Switch Disconnect w/Rotary Operating Mechanism, 125A/3-Pole
3KA5230-1GE01 Siemens BPN Siemens 3KA5230-1GE01 Switch-Disconnector with Rot. Mechanism 125A/3-Pole $737.00 $737.00
3KA5240-1AE01 Siemens BPN Siemens 3KA5240-1AE01 Switch Disconnect. w/o Handle 125A/4-Pole
3KA5240-1EE01 Siemens BPN Switch Disconnect w/Rotary Operating Mechanism, 125A/4-Pole
3KA5240-1GE01 Siemens BPN Siemens 3KA5240-1GE01 Switch-Disconnector with Rot. Mechanism 125A/4-Pol
3KA5330-1AE01 Siemens BPN Siemens 3KA5330-1AE01 Switch Disconnect. w/o Handle 160A/3-Pole $647.00 $647.00
3KA5330-1AE01-ZA01 Siemens BPN Siemens 3KA5330-1AE01-ZA01 Switch Disconnector
3KA5330-1EE01 Siemens BPN Switch Disconnect w/Rotary Operating Mechanism, 160A/3-Pole
3KA5330-1GE01 Siemens BPN Siemens 3KA5330-1GE01 Switch-Disconnector with Rot. Mechanism 160A/3-Pole
3KA5340-1AE01 Siemens BPN Siemens 3KA5340-1AE01 Switch Disconnect. w/o Handle 160A/4-Pole
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